Plugin TV

Melbourne EngageMedia Screening

EngageMedia will be putting on screening in conjunction with Plug-In TV (Channel 31 Melbourne). We will be screening highlights of documentary, experimental and fiction videos from the website, and doing a short presentation of the project.
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Australian International Documentary Community

Adelaide EngageMedia Workshop

The net is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways for video activists to distribute their content. EngageMedia will be running a workshop in Adelaide on February 26th, come along and learn how you can use online distribution tools to get your video work out there.
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Plug In and Friends

Plug in and engage with the progressive Melbourne filmmaking community, bringing you the latest indy docos this summer at Glitch Bar & Cinema.
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2006 End of Year Wrap Up

It’s been a very busy year for EngageMedia so we thought we should wrap it all up for you and let you know about some of our plans for next year.
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Anti-G20 march down the Swanston St.

Covering the G20

EngageMedia will be assisting video makers covering the G20 counter-actions to get their work online.
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EngageMedia Back Up

EngageMedia unfortunately suffered a hard drive failure on our very recently leased new server. We’re very sorry about this however it was largely out of our control. We emphasise that the site is currently in it’s Beta stage and that these things are possible under these conditions. We are currently working on getting everything restored and we should be ready in the next day or two.
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Screenshot of EngageMedia site June 7, 2007

EngageMedia Beta Site Released

Engagemedia is now open for publishing! We’re excited to announce this first public beta release of the EngageMedia software. Sign up, get your own profile page and start publishing your video! We’ll be doing an official launch of the website and our first workshop for indy video makers at the Earthling Environmental Forum on the 30th of September at TINA in Newcastle, NSW.
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NGO in a Box

Audio/Video NGO-in-a-box

The Audio and Video edition of NGO-in-a-box is a toolkit of Free and Open Source Software documentation and tutorials for NGOs, non-profits and media activists. Produced by Tactical Tech in collaboration with EngageMedia the box aims to lower the entry level for NGOs and individuals wanting to use audio and video for social change.
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