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Open and Secure Technology

We help changemakers work in more secure, ethical, and sustainable ways, challenging Big Tech by using, promoting, and developing open source alternatives.

Recent Posts

Navigating Digital Landmines for Changemakers

Open and secure tech can help changemakers protect themselves from the digital dangers hindering their work, but there has been limited adoption and interest. EngageMedia and the Asia Centre examine the reasons why.

Current projects

Dark background with a girl silhouette holding hand, TAKSA as the title
Developed in collaboration with IOTA Kreatif Media and Annas A. Aziz, Taksa is an interactive story game that invites players to re-evaluate whether critical thinking and digital literacy are truly detrimental to curb disinformation.
You can host your online meetings, workshops, and events for FREE with Jitsi Meet on EngageMedia maintains this Jitsi Meet instance to provide a secure and reliable videoconferencing solution without ads or tracking. We do not log user activities on our server or share user information with third parties.
In collaboration with the Asia Centre, the Digital Security and Human Rights Defenders in the Asia-Pacific research project aims to map digital surveillance activities and identify the gaps and levels of prioritisation in adopting counter-surveillance technology and secure communications by civil society.
The September 2022 report looks at the ecosystem that supports the localization of digital security tools and guides into five major Southeast Asian languages, and assesses whether, and to what extent, these resources are localized and kept up to date.
The Internet Monitoring Program (iMAP) is a three-year collaboration among civil society organisations in the Asia-Pacific advocating for freedom of expression on the internet.
EngageMedia's localisation project aims to enhance the effectiveness of digital security initiatives in Southeast Asia by providing and promoting resources tailored to cultural and linguistic contexts. This initiative focuses on five target languages: Burmese, Filipino, Indonesian, Khmer, and Thai.
EngageMedia has partnered with VPN service TunnelBear to distribute, as needed, free VPN vouchers to other human rights organisations, digital rights defenders, journalists, and activists.
As part of our organisational aim to promote the use and understanding of open and secure technology, EngageMedia is dedicated to using and promoting FOSS tools in our projects.
MediaCMS is a content management system to host your own video site, as well as supporting other rich media content. MediaCMS currently supports the Engage Video platform. EngageMedia’s commitment to MediaCMS is part of our larger commitment to open source software and media freedom.
Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay