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We help changemakers use video to create more impact by enhancing their knowledge, strategies, technology, networks, and storytelling skills.

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Video for Change Impact Toolkit

The Video for Change Impact Toolkit is an online guide for the design and evaluation of a video for change social impact campaign, focusing on a holistic approach that considers all activities and their capacity to create impact, rather than on the effect of a video product alone.

Video4Change Network

The Video4Change Network is a consortium of organisations from around the world using the power of video for human rights, social justice, and environmental change.

Video4change Network Updates

  • Video4Change Network members to host sessions at RightsCon 2022
    by EngageMedia on 25/05/2022

    Video4Change Network members WITNESS, eyeWitness to Atrocities, and EngageMedia will share their knowledge and experience on using video for social change and upholding digital rights at the 11th edition of RightsCon on June 6 to 10. The post Video4Change Network members to host sessions at […]

  • Video4Change Network Updates, May 2022
    by Demie Dangla on 24/05/2022

    Video4Change Network members actively use and promote video among activists and communities, encouraging them to document realities on the ground, expose injustices, and amplify community voices. This update highlights the work of Network members in different parts of the world. The post […]

  • The impact production journey: Lessons and stories from Indonesian filmmakers
    by EngageMedia on 20/05/2022

    The filmmakers behind 'Homebound' and 'The Unseen Words' share their stories on using the Video for Change Impact Toolkit to build inclusive and engaging impact campaigns. The post The impact production journey: Lessons and stories from Indonesian filmmakers appeared first on Video4Change.

Featured Filmmakers

Featured Filmmaker: Wensi Fatubun

Wensislaus (Wensi) Fatubun (37) is a West Papuan filmmaker and video activist, with an impressive human rights pedigree. He is also a leader of the Papuan People’s Assembly (Majelis Rakyat Papua – MRP) which represents the cultural interests of the indigenous Papuan people, protecting the rights of indigenous Papuans, with values consistent with respect for custom and culture, the empowerment of women, and the strengthening of harmonious religious life.

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Featured Filmmaker: Paradoc

Paradoc adalah organisasi pembuat film yang bekerja bersama untuk menciptakan perubahan sosial menggunakan media audio visual. Dalam websitenya, mereka menyatakan “Video for Change” sebagai tipe kerja utama mereka.
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