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Cinemata Online Launch: Building a platform for social and environmental issue films

As part of the official launch of Cinemata, EngageMedia on June 30 introduced the platform to an online gathering of attendees from advocacy groups, cultural institutions, civil society organisations, and groups using Video for Change. The event also provided a space to learn how the platform differentiates itself from other proprietary video platforms, with an emphasis on privacy and security.

Participants of Impact Lab round 2

Second Video for Change Impact Lab kicks off with six new participants

Following the success of the first Video for Change Environmental Impact Lab, EngageMedia is excited to begin the final round of the Impact Lab with six new filmmakers, video collectives, and campaigners using film to tackle environmental issues and eager to explore how to maximise their respective film’s potential for social impact. 

Current projects

V4C Environmental Impact Lab

Video4change Network Updates

  • Freedom Film Network office raided by Malaysian police
    by EngageMedia on 05/07/2021

    On 2 July, Malaysian police questioned filmmaker Anna Har, co-founder of Freedom Film Network (FFN), a member of the Video4Change Network, and cartoonist Amin Landak over their short film Chilli Powder and Thinner. Released in June 2021, the film tells the story of three young prison inmates who […]

  • Introducing Cinemata: A platform for social and environmental films on the Asia-Pacific
    by EngageMedia on 29/06/2021

    EngageMedia, a nonprofit that convenes the Video4Change Network, announces the launch of, a platform for social and environmental films about the Asia-Pacific. The post Introducing Cinemata: A platform for social and environmental films on the Asia-Pacific appeared first on […]

  • New Network Member Spotlight: Picture People
    by Egbert Wits on 15/06/2021

    The goal of the Video for Change Network members Picture People is to teach communication skills and media making that contribute to social change, especially in areas affected by war and disaster. The post New Network Member Spotlight: Picture People appeared first on Video4Change.

Featured Filmmakers

Featured Filmmaker: Wensi Fatubun

Wensislaus (Wensi) Fatubun (37) is a West Papuan filmmaker and video activist, with an impressive human rights pedigree. He is also a leader of the Papuan People’s Assembly (Majelis Rakyat Papua – MRP) which represents the cultural interests of the indigenous Papuan people, protecting the rights of indigenous Papuans, with values consistent with respect for custom and culture, the empowerment of women, and the strengthening of harmonious religious life.

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Featured Filmmaker: Paradoc

Paradoc adalah organisasi pembuat film yang bekerja bersama untuk menciptakan perubahan sosial menggunakan media audio visual. Dalam websitenya, mereka menyatakan “Video for Change” sebagai tipe kerja utama mereka.
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