Video4Change Network

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Photo by Video for Change Network Member InsightShare

The Video4Change Network is a consortium of organisations catalysing the use of video for human rights, social justice, and environmental change. The Network strengthens collaboration between Video for Change organisations so they can better respond to shared challenges and opportunities. 

Founded at a meeting in 2012 in Indonesia, the Network has evolved to develop a formal governance and membership structure, as described in its governance document. There are currently 18 Network partners and affiliates, with EngageMedia as Network convenor.

The Network aims to maximise the collective learning, resources, and experiences of its members to build spaces where those seeking to use video as a tool for change – video activists and trainers, citizen journalists, and organisations and individuals – can access resources and strategies to improve their work.

Over the years, Network members have collaborated on a range of projects, responding to identified needs in the field, including:

The Network also hosts the Video for Change Forum, where anyone interested in video for change, its approaches, usages, challenges and opportunities, can join ongoing conversations with practitioners all over the world.

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