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The EngageMedia Team

The EngageMedia Team

Core Team

Airani Sasanti – Finance and Administration Officer

Born in Indonesia, Airani started working in 2008 as a content writer and journalist for the Visit Indonesian Year event. In that same year, she worked as an administrative assistant for the Kotak Hitam Forum, an independent organisation that focuses on research, workshops, and documentary film production for social change in Indonesia.

In 2015, she joined the documentary production house Banjarsari Film, where she worked as an assistant producer responsible for pre-production design and planning and as an Administration Coordinator for the film, ‘Di Kaliurang’.

As Administration and Finance Officer at EngageMedia, Airani’s role is to support the work of the Finance and Administration Coordinator, Operations Coordinator, and to provide logistical support to project managers.

Languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese

Andrew Lowenthal – Co-Founder and Executive Director

Andrew has been working in the field of freedom of expression, open technology, and video for change for more than 20 years. His work traverses nonprofit and inter-cultural leadership, video production, network building, research, software development, social impact design, and event creation.

Andrew co-founded EngageMedia in 2005. As EngageMedia Executive Director, he has built multiple networks, overseen more than a dozen large-scale events and hundreds of workshops, and created a team of more than 30 people across nine countries.

From 2006 to 2008, he worked with the Tactical Technology Collective as their Participatory Media Project Lead, producing a series of open-source communications toolkits. Andrew was active in the global Indymedia network from 2000 to 2006.

Andrew has spoken at a wide range of events and locations, including Harvard, MIT, the Ford Foundation, the Stockholm Internet Forum, and the Singapore International Film Festival. His writing has appeared in the Oxford Journal of Human Rights Practice, the Institute of Southeast Asia Studies, the Network of Centers, and the Institute of Network Cultures. His video work has been screened at the National Gallery of Indonesia, Glasgow Center for Contemporary Art, and the Australian Center for the Moving Image.

Languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish, Italian

Arfi Bambani Amri — Digital Rights Manager (Indonesia)

Arfi is a media project consultant, freedom of expression activist, and digital rights campaigner, having worked in the media and internet industry since 2006. His last position in media was as the managing editor of the Indonesian online news portal

Arfi served as the Secretary-General of the Alliance of Independent Journalists from 2014 to 2017. And, since 2016, Arfi has been part of the Indonesia Internet Governance Forum multistakeholder advisory group, a forum that gives advice, input, and consultancy for policymakers on internet matters. These two roles have
since shaped his knowledge and work on press freedom and digital rights.

Arfi holds a bachelor of law degree from Gadjah Mada University and a Master in Public Administration from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. He has attended training programs at RNTC, Poynter Institute, Rappler, AFP, and Google.

Languages: Indonesian, English, Minangkabau, Javanese

Daniel Munthe – Finance Assistant

Daniel received his degree in Accounting from Maranatha Christian University in Bandung, Indonesia in 2017. Starting his career as an auditor for one of the big four public accounting firms, he has experience in auditing clients from diverse industries. Daniel then moved to work in one of the oldest and largest media groups in Indonesia, where he became interested in media and its impact on society.

Daniel has been into social and environmental issues since he was a student activist. He influenced others through publications and other activities in university organisations. In 2019, he started pursuing his master’s degree in Business Law from Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University.

Languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Sundanese

Darika Bamrungchok – Digital Rights Manager (Mekong)

Darika has been involved in human rights advocacy and activism in Thailand since the 2006 military coup d’état. She started her career in journalism and conducted sporadic research work in the field of international relations.

She also holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from the Central European University in Budapest, with a specialisation in human rights advocacy and digital media under modern authoritarian regimes. In Hungary, she worked for a year-long consultancy project, “Citizenship Education in Fragile Democracies,” which covered Hungary, Kosovo, Albania, and Poland.

Before joining EngageMedia, Darika worked as a Campaign Coordinator for Amnesty International Thailand. She has experience in developing and implementing strategies and campaigns for human rights defenders, as well as leading numerous capacity building and training for activists in the field of human rights education and campaigns.

Languages: Thai, English

Dianne Olivan – Program Officer

Dianne is a social researcher by training. She obtained her degree in Communication Research from the University of the Philippines Diliman in 2016.

She has assisted several research projects for organisations such as the National Union of Bank Employees, HealthJustice Philippines, and the Philippine Department of Health. Her longest research involvement was with the program, “The Mass Transit System in Metro Manila: From Tranvia to MRT, 1879-2014,” under the Third World Studies Center, as its research assistant on oral history.

Dianne also has valuable experience in organising and facilitating several social issue-based events and initiatives. In EngageMedia, she leads the logistical planning for Coconet: Southeast Asia Digital Rights Camp.

As Program Officer, her role is to provide project management support to initiatives related to digital rights and video for change.

Languages: English, Filipino, Hiligaynon

Dylan Dellosa – Learning and Knowledge Manager

Dylan is an advocate for better stories, which he believes run the world. He has spent the last decade challenging narratives that entrench the status quo, whether in education, health, or relationships. A policy researcher by trade, he has worked to bolster evidence and garner support for landmark Philippine laws on K to 12 education and reproductive health. He continues to draw from his academic roots in the life and health sciences, and from his immersion in the diverse worlds of government, industry, academe, and development.

In addition to policy and advocacy work, Dylan mentors teams and individuals on research and learning, and on making better mistakes. He also advises startups and nonprofits on building empowered teams and running adaptive projects.

The pandemic has Dylan sheltering in his hometown at the foot of the fabled Mt. Makiling, where he gorges on feline fun, Mariah’s music, and, of course, good stories.

Languages: Filipino, English, Italian

Fendi Widianto – Project Officer

Fendi Widianto is a researcher and storyteller focusing on digital media and its intersectionality, particularly with human rights, inclusivity, and empowerment. Fendi has been active in the field of community development, having worked with marginalised communities in Indonesia since 2012. Before joining EngageMedia, he was part of joint research about violence against women with disabilities in Indonesia.

Fendi holds a Master’s degree in Communication for Social Change from The University of Queensland, Australia. In his free time, Fendi volunteers on a social project with children with special needs, telling their stories through digital storytelling and visual arts in Yogyakarta.

Language: Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia, English

Julie Soriano-Velasquez – Administration and Finance Manager

Julie Soriano-Velasquez is an eco-warrior who has spent a decade of developmental work related to the environment and good governance.

Her expertise includes financial management, procurement, travel management, financing and consultancy contracts, audit, event organization, and general administration.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy and was the Managing Editor of their university publication. As a student leader and activist, she advocated various issues, including a call for students’ rights and campus press freedom.

Julie also advocates change via environmental awareness and empowered parenting. She endeavours to empower women as catalysts of such shifts, as they play a significant role in most households.

Languages: English, Filipino

Kathleen Azali – Digital Rights Program Manager

Kathleen Azali is an activist-researcher whose work intersects the fields of information, technology, design, and political economy. Trained in Cultural Studies, she draws on her experience in programming and library management to collaboratively design, build, and maintain contextual, technical, and organisational systems. Her works have been published and presented in numerous outlets, including the Creative Commons Global Summit, the Oxford Southeast Asian Studies Symposium, the Australian National University’s Digital Indonesia, and the New Left Review.

In 2008, she founded C2O, an independent library and co-working cooperative space run under PERIN+1S, a registered non-profit focusing on collective learning and assembling of information and technology. Within and beyond this organisation, she has assisted numerous human rights groups—including peasants, feminists, LGBTIQ+ communities, journalists’ associations, and workers’ unions—in developing strategic and secure use of technologies. She is also a part of the Digital Defenders Partnership’s Field Building Project.

Languages: Bahasa Indonesia, English, Javanese, Japanese

King Catoy – Video Lead

King Catoy is an independent documentary filmmaker and alternative media practitioner in the Philippines. His roots in activism started as a student leader in the University of the Philippines Los Baños, where he took up Development Communication. He studied 16 mm film documentary at the Mowelfund Film Institute in Quezon City, Philippines and went on to co-found the film collective, Southern Tagalog Exposure in 2001.

In 2009, he became executive director of Mayday Multimedia, a video collective focusing on workers’ issues and in 2012, became multimedia director of the non-profit media group PinoyMedia Center, Inc. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of AlterMidya – People’s Alternative Media Center, a national network of independent and grassroots-based media outfits in the Philippines. He has also worked on several video advocacy projects with Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific.

He has directed numerous videos and trained indigenous and urban poor communities and alternative media practitioners on video production.

Languages: English, Filipino

Kunanyaporn (Git) Jirasamatakij – Digital Rights Project Officer (Mekong)

Kunanyaporn has been working in the human rights field since 2016, advocating for and conducting research on various thematic areas such as indigenous rights, freedom of expression, and human rights education.

She received her degree in International Relations from the Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2018. As a student, she volunteered on several human rights and social change projects. She also coordinated human rights campaigns and published blogs advocating for peace-building.

Aside from being a full-time human rights advocate, Kunanyaporn has also published a poetry book about mental resilience and an article about psychoanalysis and politics.

Languages: English, Thai

Maria Karienova – Digital Rights Coordinator (Indonesia)

Maria has lived in Medan, Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, and London. However, she considers comfort food as her ultimate home. In the past five years, she has actively engaged in communications and development work, specialising in public outreach, community development, and inclusivity strategies. Among the projects, Maria has managed involved the cultivation of entrepreneurial knowledge and networks for young people in East Indonesia, organisational positioning to scale impact, and data preparedness in times of disaster. During her time with the United Nations Development Programme in Indonesia, she also supported the establishment of its Innovative Financing Lab, one of many platforms that will aid the fulfilment of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Maria holds a postgraduate degree in Development Studies from SOAS University of London. Aside from international development, Maria is also concerned about the decolonisation of the mind and the politics of feminism in the Global South.

Languages: Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia, English

Nikholas Borang – Engagement and Learning Specialist

Borang Yerry Niko is an independent journalist based in Yogyakarta. While studying in university in 1998, he joined the student democracy movement and produced several propaganda bulletins. From 1999, working with publishers in Yogyakarta, he helped translate several English books on politics and literature into Indonesian, including Orwell’s Animal Farm.

In 2004, he participated in early meetings to rebuild Indymedia Jakarta. He worked as a radio/web/video journalist for more than six years at During that time, he also worked with community radio and media networks.

Languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese, Manadonese

Red Tani – Advocacy & Communications Director

Red Tani has advocated critical thinking, evidence-based legislation, religious freedom, and other human rights since 2009 when he founded Filipino Freethinkers. Their advocacy has been featured in Philippine and international media, receiving awards such as the Globe Tatt award and the Rappler Do More award.

His advocacy continues as a representative in the RH Law national implementation team, as a founding member of Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Network, and as part of various organizations working on sexual and reproductive health and rights, feminism and gender equality, and freedom of speech and religion.

Passionate about the power of stories and storytelling for advocacy, he shares fiction-based techniques for writing, speaking, and presenting in lectures and workshops around the Philippines.

He joins EngageMedia to develop ethical alternatives to mainstream social media, empowering advocates to tell impactful stories through video.

Languages: English, Filipino

Rezwanul Islam – Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Rezwanul Islam has extensive experience in the field of citizen and social media. For more than 15 years, he has been writing for local and international citizen media sites and blogs. He is a longtime contributor to Global Voices, an international non-profit citizen media organization and leads its newsroom for South Asia. He previously worked as a member of the jury for the Deutsche Welle Best of The Blogs (BOBS) Awards and also worked for Al Jazeera Plus as a node editor for South Asia.

As a freelance researcher, translator, and consultant, he has contributed to different advocacy and human rights projects over the years. He has experience in developing communications strategies and campaigns for non-profits. In Bangladesh, his work experience includes serving as a consultant for the United Nations Development Programme in different projects, especially for Citizen’s Voice (Nagorik Kontho), a citizen journalism portal.

He has lived in several cities in the Asia Pacific region, such as Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Canberra, in the past decade.

Languages: Bengali, English, German

Sara Pacia – Communications and Engagement Manager

Sara is a Filipino journalist and multimedia storyteller at heart, passionate about utilising and appropriating today’s digital technologies for the empowerment of the public and the improvement of media and data literacy. After obtaining her journalism degree from the University of the Philippines, she worked as a Digital Content Editor for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, before receiving her master’s degree in Media and Communications (Data and Society) from the London School of Economics and Political Science as a recipient of the UK Chevening Scholarship.

Among her previous works are the Inquirer Kill List, a database on the fatalities of the Philippine drug war; Pinas to Paris, a multimedia report on climate change adaptation in the Philippines; and, a mobile journalism manual for journalists. She has also served as a consultant and a resource speaker for academic and civic organizations in the Philippines.

Languages: Filipino, English

Stephanie Soares — Organisational Development Officer

Stephanie hails from the lush and tranquil island of Bermuda and she has ventured far and wide across the globe to satisfy her wanderlust. Prior to working with EngageMedia, Stephanie has dabbled in multiple sectors, as a customer service advocate, events facilitator, English language tutor, and radio jockey, where she learned new tricks and skills along the way.

Originally a Psychology student, Stephanie shifted her sights and career path into the realm of international studies and political science. She graduated from De La Salle-Collge of Saint Benilde in Manila, the Philippines with a degree in Consular and Diplomatic affairs. In April 2020, she completed an extensive research paper analyzing the extent of the influence the Filipino LGBTQIA+ community holds on the policymaking process. Apart from her work experiences, Stephanie was a volunteer for Unang Hakbang Foundation.

Languages: English, Filipino, French

Vino Lucero – Project and Communications Officer

Vino is a journalist based in Manila. He received his degree in Journalism from the University of the Philippines Diliman in 2015. Before joining EngageMedia, he contributed to investigative reports and data stories for the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) for more than four years. His writings earned him a finalist spot in the 2017 and 2019 Free Press Awards’ “Newcomer of the Year” category, making him the first Asian journalist to achieve such a feat.

Vino volunteers his free time to organize youth empowerment events related to civic participation and freedom of information (FOI). In 2019, he was recognized as the FOI Youth Advocate of the Decade during the FOI New Generation Awards for his years of advocating for citizens’ right to information as a student leader, as a journalist, and as a leading figure in Philippine youth organizations.

Languages: English, Filipino

Widy Dinarti – Organisational Development Manager

Widy Dinarti is a social impact innovator and life and cross-cultural coach. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Airlangga University in Surabaya, Indonesia, she has conducted social and humanitarian projects in collaboration with a variety of organisations, both non-profit and private, and at both local and international levels in India, Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean regions.

Widy was also a recipient of several awards, including the Deutsche Post DHL Global Corporate Responsibility Award in 2015 for her Youth Employability Project in South Africa and Youth Business Incubator Project in Uganda. Recently, she was selected to represent Indonesia in the HANDs! Asia Project, a Japan Foundation Fellowship Programme in creative and innovative education for humanity, and as one of the fellows for IDEAS 6.0 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Executive Education Programme.

Widy also supports startups and social enterprises in their organisational development and business development projects.

Languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese, English.


Anna Helme – Technology Manager

Anna Helme co-founded EngageMedia in 2005, stepping down from executive and organisational development in 2009 to consult primarily on technology projects such as Plumi and Video4Change. Anna’s work with tactical media began with Undercurrents and Indymedia in the UK in 1999 and has included early Internet streaming, mobile citizen media labs, network building and training for video activists and open source technologists, software development, and co-directing documentaries in collaboration with communities about the indigenous cultural connection to water (Cultural Flows, 2012) and feminist/queer body positivity (Aquaporko!, 2013).

This work is woven into their praxis as an interdisciplinary moving image maker and curator working with narrative, documentary and hybrid film, and video art. They are currently finishing a doctorate, researching queer/feminist filmmaking methodologies and lecturing and consulting on curriculum development at the University of Melbourne’s School of Film and TV.

Languages: English

Anthony Mariadason, CA – Accountant

Anthony Mariadason is a dedicated chartered accountant and finance professional with diverse experience, founded on solid technical grounding in chartered accountancy and strengthened by senior financial roles and assignments across a range of industries. With a commercial and strategic, as well as a not-for-profit focus, he possesses skills in partnering with stakeholders to develop practical financial and management accounting systems to assist with operational decision-making and to support long-term sustainable growth and accounting improvements for clients.

Part of the management of Go Consulting and Accounting, a professional and management accounting practice in Melbourne, he develops and maintains a client base of small to medium businesses, including a telecom services provider, registered training organisations, several startups in the technology space, importers, and a variety of small businesses. He brings over two decades of experience as an accountant to assist EngageMedia’s projects.

Languages: English, Tamil

Egbert Wits – Learning Manager, Video for Change

Egbert Wits has been active in the field of international development in Indonesia for over 12 years. Specializing in training design and facilitation, community empowerment, and strengthening the capacities of local organizations.

He has successfully managed a large 3.5-year project (Creative Communities) aimed at increasing the quality of representation at the village level for PNPM (Indonesia’s National Community Development Program), steering and training a team of over 50 facilitators, regional coordinators, and researchers in 8 different provinces of Indonesia.

Recently, he has been designing and facilitating various training programs and doing consultancies for EngageMedia (video for change and impact measurement), the Dutch Water Authorities (sanitation and health), Butterfly Works (human-centred design), OXFAM (youth empowerment), and Kindernothilfe (impact-orientated project planning and monitoring).

Languages: English, Dutch, Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese

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