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We defend and advance digital rights in the Asia-Pacific, holding governments and corporations to account, and foster civil society collaboration and campaigns.

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The report breaks down the technical aspects behind internet shutdowns and cites examples from incidents reported in South and Southeast Asian countries. It also includes actions that individuals and civil society members can take in the broader movement to safeguard and uphold freedom of internet access and digital rights.
EngageMedia will kick off the year 2023 with the Asia-Pacific Digital Rights Forum, a three-day regional forum that will create online and physical spaces for changemakers to further discuss and collaborate on solutions to the region's most pressing digital rights issues today. The three-day regional forum on January 12 to 14, 2023, is the second group of events leading up to the Asia-Pacific Digital Rights Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in May 2023.
EngageMedia is set to host four in-person forums in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia to create spaces and opportunities for collaborations and knowledge-sharing among human and digital rights advocates.
The September 2022 report looks at the ecosystem that supports the localization of digital security tools and guides into five major Southeast Asian languages, and assesses whether, and to what extent, these resources are localized and kept up to date.
In May 2023, EngageMedia will host a digital rights festival that will build relationships and collaborations among allied actors and scale the regional digital rights movement to the next level.
EngageMedia, in partnership with the Asia Centre and the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, is conducting in-depth research to identify the impact of Thailand's Computer Crime Act on digital rights and increase the awareness and capacity of the Thai public to safeguard freedom of expression online.
The “Challenging hate narratives and violations of freedom of religion and expression online in Asia” project aims to catalyse civil society to freely and safely express their opinions and to generate counter narratives in instances where hate speech is propagated online.
Through diverse Asia-Pacific perspectives, Pandemic of Control aims to address the rise of digital authoritarianism by raising awareness, sparking conversation, and encouraging action.
The Advancing Data Justice Research and Practice project aims to fill the gap in data justice research and expand existing narratives to include testimonies from unheard and/or underrepresented voices. Through this, we aim to provide resources that help policymakers, practitioners, and impacted communities gain a broader understanding of data governance.
Despite various digital rights violations in the Asia-Pacific, there are not enough films that document these issues in the region. Through "Tech Tales: Films about digital rights in the Asia-Pacific", EngageMedia will help produce eight to ten films about digital rights in the region.
EngageMedia is the South and Southeast Asia regional partner of the global Internet Freedom Consortium, a three-year initiative by Internews that aims to enhance digital security for civil society and media organisations, engage citizens in internet governance debates, and advance human rights online.
EngageMedia is a consortium partner of the Initiative for Media Freedom in the Philippines, a five-year program led by Internews that aims to support an independent and free press in order to counter disinformation, promote political inclusion, and enhance democratic governance in the country.
Clipart of technology and human rights. Image by Theodore Grenz
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Indonesia Digital Rights Situation Report 2019: The Rise of Digital Authoritarian

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