EngageMedia is a non-profit media, technology, and culture organisation. EngageMedia uses the power of video, the Internet, and open technologies to create social and environmental change. We harness old and new media to assist movements challenging social injustice and environmental damage, as well as to present solutions.

EngageMedia works with independent film-makers, journalists, technologists, campaigners, and social movements to generate wider audiences for stories of social change, to intervene in the public discourse, and to move people to action.

We demystify and provide strategies for the effective use of video distribution and engagement technologies; connect video makers and activists to media distributors and audiences; and form peer networks of media-makers, technologists and campaigners.

Organisational Aims

  • Engage communities and networks in the production and distribution of social and environmental justice media.
  • Strengthen social movements by fostering and mobilizing networks of media makers, activists, and technologists.
  • Amplify the impact of campaigners and media makers by building skills in video production, distribution, and engagement.
  • Promote the use and understanding of open and secure technologies.
  • Strengthen and expand digital rights.
  • Shape public discourse and contribute to debates about media, technologies, and civil rights.

Key Programs

The EngageMedia Team

The EngageMedia team is distributed across the Asia-Pacific including in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and the Philippines. Check out our team page for a full list. Our team page is also available in Indonesian.


We are also fortunate to have established several key partnerships throughout various projects. For a list of our project partners please see our partners page.

Working at EngageMedia

If you are interested in working or volunteering with us, please check our jobs page.

The Committee of Management (Board)

EngageMedia’s governance is overseen by a Committee of Management, membership of which includes:

  • Rachel Maher – Media Development and Communications Consultant
  • Malavika Jayaram – Executive Director, Digital Asia Hub
  • Enrico Aditjondro – Media and Communications Consultant
  • Martin Potter – Researcher and Faculty Member, Deakin University

Full biographies are available here.


EngageMedia is a non-profit organisation and is supported by donations, fee-for-service work, and a range of funding bodies. Current funders include Sida, the Open Society Foundations, Luminate and Internews. Previous funders include the Ford Foundation, Hivos, the Tifa Foundation, the Mozilla Foundation, Oak Foundation, the Web Foundation, the Bertha Foundation, the Sigrid Rausing Trust, and many more.

Please consider supporting us with a donation.

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