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Key Policies

Human Rights-based Approaches

EngageMedia is committed to upholding human rights and integrating a human rights-based approach (HRBA) into all aspects of our work. We stand by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals, and thus acknowledge our responsibility to promote and uphold these values within our organization. Our HRBA Policy outlines our dedication to respecting, protecting, and promoting human rights in all our activities, projects, and partnerships.

​Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

EngageMedia is committed to promoting a workplace that values diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in all aspects of our operations. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce fosters innovation, creativity, and better decision-making, making us more adaptable in a global environment. Our DEI Policy outlines our commitment to gender equality and DEI, and provides a framework for our practices and initiatives.


We believe that everyone we come into contact with, regardless of age, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation or ethnic origin has the right to be protected from all forms of harm, abuse, neglect, and exploitation. We will not tolerate abuse and exploitation by team members or associated personnel. We commit to addressing safeguarding throughout our work, through the three pillars of prevention, reporting, and response. Our Safeguarding Policy outlines this commitment throughout EngageMedia’s work, through the three pillars of prevention, reporting, and response.

Protection from Sexual Exploitation, Sexual Abuse, and Sexual Harassment

We are committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for all individuals associated with our organization, including team members, partners, beneficiaries, volunteers, and any other stakeholders. We unequivocally condemn and prohibit all forms of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment (PSEAH). Our PSEAH Policy outlines this commitment, and provides a framework for our practices and initiatives.


We prohibit corrupt practices of all kinds. We expect our staff and affiliates to share our commitment to integrity, and if we see signs of unethical or corrupt conduct, we will not hesitate to investigate. Instances of corruption will be subject to disciplinary action and EngageMedia reserves the right to withhold payments or seek damages from staff, affiliates, or contractors who have been found to engage in corrupt practices. Our Anti-corruption Policy details this commitment.

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