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Consultancy Services

EngageMedia provides consulting services across the Asia-Pacific and also globally. These services build on 16 years of experience in media production and distribution, technology development, advocacy, and organisational development, with integrating knowledge open technology, digital rights, the environment, and human rights.

Our clients have included the Overseas Development Institute, Internews, Transparency International, Oxfam, Hivos, the University of Southern California, the Sunrise Project, Creative Commons, the Association for Progressive Communications, Tactical Tech, the Ford Foundation, and the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University.

You may also wish to review our foundation-funded program activities.

Below is a list of recent projects, with lead partners for each shown in parentheses.

If you are interested in partnering with EngageMedia, please contact us.

Event Management and Facilitation

We design and facilitate workshops, meetings, camps, and conferences using participatory and interactive methodologies:

Communications Strategy, Distribution, and Impact Production

We design and implement communications and impact strategies for films and issue-based campaigns. We take particular care to ensure our approach is sensitive to the political and technological context. We also convene ‘impact summits’ and focus group discussions, bringing together key allies to design outreach and engagement campaigns for films.


We conduct training programs in video production, video distribution, impact design, evaluation, translation and subtitling, digital rights, digital safety, social media, and campaign communications. Based on our Video for Change Impact Toolkit, we have a comprehensive curriculum on how video can be used effectively for social impact.

Community Video

Using participatory methodologies, we help advocates grow their skills and capture local stories, building communities and movements in the process.

Video Production

We produce short films, capture footage and conduct interviews. We have staff in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Thailand, with stringers across Southeast Asia.

Screenings and Talks

We are available to speak and screen our work at universities, colleges, and conferences. We can also assist with coordinating community and theatrical screenings across Southeast Asia.

Guides and Curriculum

We produce training materials in Video for Change and the strategic use of technologies, most importantly the Video for Change Impact Toolkit. We also produce educational materials on digital safety, digital rights, open technology and video production.

Translation and Subtitling

EngageMedia coordinates a Southeast Asia network of translators and subtitlers. Through this network, we can translate and subtitle videos into dozens of languages. We also translate written materials, such as those indicated in Guides and Curriculum.


EngageMedia produces the Plumi video sharing content management system. We also organise software development sprints.

Research and Evaluation

We employ predominantly qualitative techniques to investigate various topics, including Video for Change impact design, digital rights, digital security, video and communications strategies, and more. We also conduct a variety of evaluation services.

Research partners have included the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Toronto, the University of Western Sydney, and more.

Full list of research projects.

Collaborate with EngageMedia

If you are interested in partnering with EngageMedia, please contact us.

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