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Our Values and Code of Conduct

EngageMedia works with a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of viewpoints and backgrounds. Our organisational values and code of conduct aim to create a professional and respectful environment that is free from all forms of corruption, discrimination, workplace and sexual harassment, and in which everyone feels comfortable and confident to participate, offer a differing opinion, and introduce new ideas. These organisational values and code of conduct apply to all team members and to all physical and online interactions.

  • Be respectful: We treat our colleagues and external partners and participants with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the diversity of cultural practices and attitudes, beliefs and ideas, and communication styles and contributions.
  • Communicate directly and professionally: We stay open to listening to different viewpoints and communicating candidly when we disagree or want to bring in a new perspective. When we disagree or offer constructive criticism, we do so professionally.
  • Be inclusive: We seek diverse perspectives, engage all voices, and enable new perspectives to be heard. If you find yourself dominating a discussion, it is important to make space and encourage other voices to participate.
  • Be present: We listen carefully and respectfully to others and give proper attention to people and their ideas at all times. The world abounds in distraction and devices that reduce understanding and our effectiveness: we challenge that distraction through our presence.
  • Embrace a spirit of sharing: We believe that everyone in the organisation brings valuable knowledge and we collectively benefit when such knowledge is shared. All of us know something, and none of us knows everything.
  • Collaborate: We strive to be cooperative and collaborative, recognising that we are most effective when working together and mutually supporting one another’s work.
  • Be honest: It is expected that all staff will act truthfully in all their interactions with other staff, as well as partners, funders, and other stakeholders. Dishonesty and corruption will not be tolerated.

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