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Research: The State of Digital Rights in Indonesia

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With a high internet penetration rate in Indonesia, the country’s space for public discourse has increasingly moved online. But despite the developmental benefits of new digital technologies, the negative sides of the digital world are emerging in the form of authoritarian controls and corporate entrenchment.

“Indonesia has experienced a fast pace of technological development, but major reports on internet freedom and the country’s democracy index suggest a deterioration of civic space online, with its scorecard on internet freedom declining over the last four years.”

– Digital Rights Report Indonesia 2021

In partnership with research consultants Dr Diani Citra and Dr Indriaswati Saptaningrum, EngageMedia has produced research that maps the key digital rights issues, policies, and civil society actors and networks in the country. The report examines the milestones and challenges of the Indonesian digital rights movement through the eyes of journalists, activists, government institutions, officials, industry leaders, and researchers.

From this study, we identify five most pressing issues:

  1. Activist and Journalist Protection
  2. Digital Speech Criminalisation
  3. Mitigating Media Manipulation and Disinformation
  4. Data Security and Protection
  5. Access

Drawing from an analysis of key actors’ interplay in the digital rights landscape, we provide a range of recommendations to increase the impact of advocacy initiatives and support Indonesian civil society in defending digital rights.

EngageMedia is proud to share “Digital Rights Report Indonesia 2021”, available in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

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