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How video can advance social change: EngageMedia at “Virtual Talks with Video Activists”

Click the image to watch the full session, now available online at the Media Burn Archive. You can also access the video through this link.


EngageMedia continues its promotion of the use of video for social and environmental change by sharing its learnings at “Virtual Talks with Video Activists”, a series of discussions by Media Burn, a US-based nonprofit video archiving organisation.

At the November 12 event, EngageMedia Video Lead King Catoy and Video for Change Learning Manager Egbert Wits shared the organisation’s experience in using video, open technology, and impact production to support regional movements and raise awareness on social and environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific. The discussions, which were facilitated by Media Burn Executive Director Sara Chapman, also centred on the Video for Change Impact Toolkit.

Event participants included videographers, impact producers, and cinephiles who were appreciative of the opportunity to speak across professions about how video today is being used to advance social change.

The participants were also inspired to learn that EngageMedia has developed and continues to support an open technology video platform that hosts more than 4,000 social advocacy videos. Two videos on that platform, “Shooting Covid-19: Media Frontliners in Manila” and “The Story of Kam Agong, A Case Study for an Impact Film”, were also screened at the event.

“Virtual Talks with Video Activists” is an ongoing series of screenings and discussions with artists, journalists, and community organisers who use video to break boundaries. Past guests include video activists Eleanor Boyer, Ira Schneider, award-winning filmmakers Laurie Little and Ashley O’Shay, and South American organisation Bombozilla.

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