Localization: Digital Security Support for Civil Society

EngageMedia’s localization project aims to enhance the effectiveness of digital security initiatives in Southeast Asia by providing and promoting resources tailored to cultural and linguistic contexts. This initiative focuses on five target languages: Burmese, Filipino, Indonesian, Khmer, and Thai.

Under this project, EngageMedia will conduct the following key activities:

  • Produce a report on the state of digital security localization in the region;
  • Localize digital security tools and guides through a series of localization sprints across the region;
  • Develop a directory of localized digital security resources; and
  • Expand the use of localized resources through capacity-building training sessions, talks, and communications materials delivered in the five target languages.

In line with the project goals, EngageMedia will also host a fellowship program for digital security localization, which aims to:

  • Expand the number of localized digital security resources in Southeast Asian languages;
  • Expand the number of key resource people who can coordinate regional localization communities;
  • Increase access to localized digital security resources for civil society and digital security trainers; and
  • Increase the number of contributors in the localization community.

With the localized tools and guides, and in collaboration with the network of localizers in the region, the project aims to enhance the capacity of civil society organisations and community groups in identifying and managing digital security risks and threats in their work.

EngageMedia is also looking to work with more localizers fluent in the target languages. To get involved, please get in touch with EngageMedia Digital Rights and Technology manager Khairil Zhafri.

Report: The State of Digital Security Localization in Southeast Asia

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