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Launching the Digital Security Community Directory

EngageMedia announces the release of, the Digital Security Community Directory of security and safety resources available in various Southeast Asian languages. Created by the contributors of EngageMedia’s’ Localization project, the directory lists a variety of tools and guides that can help civil society organisations and practitioners identify and mitigate risks and threats in their work.

The directory primarily lists digital security and safety tools and guides, as well as resource groups that are available in Burmese, Filipino, Indonesian, Khmer, Thai, and English. It has three main sections:

  • Digital Security Tools: A list of tools and services with features to protect users from online and digital threats, including:
    • Circumvention & Anonymity tools for circumventing censorship and surveillance on the internet
    • Communications & Messaging services for secure online chats, calls, and meetings
    • Documentation & Data Management software for encrypted storage and transfer of electronic files and digital records
    • Internet Browsing & Productivity applications for using the internet and working online safely
  • Digital Security Guides: A list of resources covering a wide range of digital security and safety topics, including privacy, surveillance, censorship, encryption, backup, and more. These resources include step-by-step instructions, user manuals, trainer’s handbooks, support toolkits, and other similar materials.
  • Digital Security Network: A list of organisations that support human rights defenders by providing digital security training and crisis response, as well as groups and businesses that provide free or subsidised hosting and other services to human rights defenders.

Contribute to the Directory

The Digital Security Community Directory is a work in progress. We invite changemakers who are interested in using localized digital security tools and guides with their communities to help enrich the directory through the following ways:

  1. Update the Directory: Help improve the directory by adding new tools, guides, and resource groups or by updating existing ones.
  2. Translate the Directory: Add digital security and safety tools, guides, and resource groups available in your language to the directory. Our priority languages are Burmese, Filipino, Indonesian, Khmer, and Thai.

EngageMedia is also looking to work with more localizers and improve the directory. To get involved, please get in touch with EngageMedia Open and Secure Technology Specialist Khairil Zhafri ([email protected]).