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Major Update to Website

EngageMedia Website Apr 2008

3 Columns

We’ve added a new column down the right-hand side which includes Tags, News, Events, Call Outs and Latest Comments.

Call Outs

We’ve added a new content type: “Call Outs“. If you are looking for content for a DVD compilation, screening, film festival or crew for a production you can let people know about it by adding a call out.

Flash Player – Full Screen Video

You can now play videos at full screen with the flash player, just click the button in the bottom right hand corner of the player.


We’ve upgraded the tagging functionality – you can now browse the site through user-added keywords or “tags”. You’ll now see a tag cloud in the top right of the site. This tagging system is much faster than before and gives users an enhanced way to navigate and find content on the site.

Publish Page

We’ve also added a new publishing page to make it easier to add videos, news, events and call outs. Just click the publish button in the top left or hit this link.

Performance Enhancements

We’ve added some big improvements to page templates resulting in much faster load times. We also added more RAM to our server to speed things up. This should go some way to dealing with the performance issues some of you may have been experiencing. There are still however a few key issues we need to address as more and more videos get added to the site and more people visit. We’ll be working on these over the coming months. If you have Plone skills please get involved!


The is now running on the package of video-sharing software we have created called Plumi, rather than using elements of this package in combination. The implications of this are far too geeky to explain, but take it from us this is a big step in terms of improving this website, and the software that enables anyone to run their own video-sharing community.


Help EngageMedia grow and improve even more this year. EngageMedia relies on funders and site members to stay afloat and run an advertising free service. If you appreciate the site and want to continue to see it grow please consider making a donation. Go to the front page and click the ‘donate’ button in the bottom left to contribute via PayPal or
click this link to direct to PayPal.


There are still a few bugs to iron out after making this big move, so bear with us. Comments are not appearing quite as they should, we know about that one. But if you find any other bugs please let us know via the contact form here.


Finally a big thank you to “Trollfot” for his enormous help in improving the site with programming and design, and the crew from Spring in Alaska who have also been working on design for us. Thanks also go to all our members for their continued support. We’ve seen a huge amount of excellent content added to the site in 2007 and look forward to more in 2008 with your help.

Have a great holiday break!

The EngageMedia team: Andy, Lachlan, Dave, And_, and Anna