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video4change Retreat and Sprint Highlights

From 2 – 9 June 2012, EngageMedia and WITNESS co-hosted a video4change retreat and sprint attended by 13 other organisations doing work in the area of using video for social change.

The Papuan Serving of Culture, Video and Change

The BAKAR BATU Papuan Voices Launch in Goethe-Institute, Jakarta on October 13, 2012 provided an eye-view of the struggle and inspiration in West Papua, brought to you by Papuan video activists from Jayapura and Merauke.

Secure Me and My Video

An impossible to imagine number of people and plenty of utilities, it seems, are doing video. Children, teachers, sports professionals, activists, workers and the unemployed, radio and print journalists, the police, military and security firms are all swinging cameras some where on planet earth.

Secure My Video Guide

Secure My Video Guide

Welcome to the Secure My Video Guide, the first stage in our effort to provide video activists with tools to make their work safe and secure.

Camp Sambel

Help Videomakers for Change get to Camp Sambel

Next month, EngageMedia’s Camp Sambel will host more than 50 Southeast Asian video activists for five days of video training, screenings and discussion near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Media Champon

EngageMedia meets with Media Champon, Japan

On 4 May 2009, Nova from EngageMedia’s Indonesian office met with the folks from Media Champon in Tokyo; an online-media project which distributes information from Asia all over the world.
Video Slam 2 (2008)

Open Channel: Video Slam 2008

VIDEO SLAM will again kick off with a two-day workshop, from Tuesday 6pm 20 May to Thursday 6pm 22 May, wherein participants will learn how to incorporate Creative Commons-licensed content into a short film produced on site at Horse Bazaar, Melbourne’s Digital Arts bar, in under 48 hours.

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