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Stories of Hope: Films celebrating human good and the power of collective action

Screenshot from the film My Leg. Watch this and nine other films on Cinemata.

Despite the challenges of the past year, 2022 brings new opportunities and renewed optimism in our ability to create positive change even in small ways. Through films, we are able to find human connection in the stories around us and to draw inspiration from them.

For our January playlist on Cinemata, EngageMedia curates a collection of films that engages both hearts and minds, giving us the inspiration to hope and dream again. The films included in the “Stories of Hope” playlist feature people and communities that go beyond themselves to face and address collective fears caused by government neglect, environmental changes, and societal prejudice.

The ten films from the Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Indonesia not only discuss important social issues, but also show how the human spirit prevails amidst these challenges.

  1. Maglabay Ra In Sakit (Philippines)
  2. My Leg (Myanmar)
  3. Hijabs and Hopes in Quiapo (Philippines)
  4. Ekis (Philippines)
  5. Reforestation Offers Hope for Myanmar’s Sinking Island (Myanmar)
  6. Ka Dodoy (Philippines)
  7. Mother Earth (Indonesia)
  8. Solunsug (Malaysia)
  9. Inheritance (Philippines)
  10. Ang Nagliliyab na Kasaysayan ng Pamilya Dela Cruz (Philippines)

Even as we continue to face threats and social unrest, we find hope in the human capacity to act together for a cause, uniting to effect social change now and for the benefit of the next generation. These films show what can be achieved through collective action and an unwavering belief in the promise of a better future.