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Cinemata hosting socially-relevant films from Pesta TUT festival

Through the years, films have provided a space for people to reflect on the ever-changing landscape of contemporary society. Yet there are existing film regulations that restrict people’s freedom to access critical information and content that addresses important issues.

Cinemata is hosting a virtual screening of selected films from Pesta TUT “Tak Usah Tutup-Tutup”, a curation of creative events that promotes public engagement and open discourse on film censorship and freedom of creative content.

With stories that explore and expand the discourse on religion, racial equality, bodily autonomy, and social commentary, Pesta TUT showcases films that are bravely and unapologetically Malaysian-inspired and which have faced official and unofficial censorship.

The virtual screenings on Cinemata will run until December 5. The screenings are geo-block free and will be accessible anywhere in the world. Get free access to the Cinemata film playlist by registering here.

On December 5, 8:30PM to 10PM (UTC+8), Philippine filmmakers Sari Dalena and Paolo Villaluna will share their journey in exploring personal artistic processes amidst censorship in an online session entitled “The Personal is Radical”. Register here to attend the Zoom session.

Pesta TUT is part of Freedom Film Network’s “Bebaskan Filem, Merdekakan Minda” movement.