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Widy Dinarti

WordPress Developer

[Colosed] Job Opportunity: WordPress Developer

Our dynamic Asia-Pacific non-profit is seeking a highly-skilled WordPress developer responsible for both back-end and front-end development, including creating and modifying the WordPress themes of various WordPress sites that we maintain, plus plugins and code customisations for the various features we need.

Job Opportunity: Operations Director

[Closed] Job Opportunity: Operations Director

The Operations Director oversees EngageMedia’s finances, administration, human resources, policies and procedures, grant and knowledge management, monitoring and evaluation, and project management systems.

Comms & Engagement Manager

[Closed] Job Opportunity: Communications & Engagement Manager

The Communications & Engagement Manager works with our communications team to support various projects — with priority put on our digital rights program — in developing and curating content, supporting advocacy campaigns, building audiences, and creating social impact.

EOI: Graphic Designer

[Closed] Call for Expressions of Interest: Graphic Designer

Our dynamic Asia-Pacific non-profit seeks expressions of interest from highly-skilled graphic designers who have strong knowledge of typography, color, layout, and image manipulation to create visually appealing designs that clearly communicate EngageMedia’s brand to our various audiences.

[Closed] Job Opportunity: IT & Applications Engineer

Our dynamic Asia-Pacific non-profit seeks a skilled, responsive, IT & Applications Engineer. The role has a strong focus on troubleshooting and solving technical problems, fulfilling technology requirements, as well as maintaining and improving technical systems and operations.

[Closed] Job Opportunity: Digital Rights Coordinator

The Digital Rights Coordinator oversees a range of digital rights and digital security projects within Southeast Asia. The position plans and executes projects, coordinates with staff and contractors, develops networks and partnerships, and assists with program fundraising.