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[Closed] Job Opportunity: Digital Rights Communications Manager

Join the EngageMedia team!

The Digital Rights Communications Manager works closely with the EngageMedia digital rights team and the Coconet network to develop and curate content, support advocacy campaigns, build audiences, and create social impact.

The role has a strong focus on writing, editing, podcasting, publishing platform management, and community collaboration.

The position is full-time and may be based in any major city in Southeast Asia.

Applications should be submitted by December 22, 2019, using the application form at the bottom of this page.

Key Position Aims:
  • Enhance digital rights advocacy and campaigns through effective media curation, production, distribution, outreach, and engagement
  • Develop a stronger digital rights field through improved knowledge sharing, outreach, and engagement
  • Support the media advocacy needs of digital rights networks and movements, primarily Coconet
  • Build and strengthen relations and collaborations between journalism, human rights, digital, technology, and digital rights actors


  • Write, curate, edit, and publish regular blogs and articles from the Coconet network and the broader digital rights movement in the Asia-Pacific
  • Develop a regular podcast series focused on digital rights issues
  • Curate, distribute, and engage audiences with videos related to digital rights
  • Develop the web presence, ensuring it is an active space for engagement on digital rights issues
  • Mobilise communities to assist with translation of important content into Southeast Asian languages

Engagement and Impact

  • Provide support for campaigns (national, regional, and international) by highlighting important work and assisting with distribution and engagement of related media
  • Conduct targeted outreach and engagement activities to mainstream media, policy advocates, campaigners, social movements, and civil society
  • Conduct social media outreach and design engagement strategies, including experimenting with a variety of non-corporate promotion and engagement platforms
  • Contribute to regional coordination and profile raising via meetings, social media, relationship management, and attendance at events
  • Develop partnerships with campaigners, video activists, journalists, technologists, NGOs, and mainstream media outlets to get content distributed

Management and Coordination

  • Support EngageMedia’s digital rights team and Coconet network members to effectively communicate and engage audiences with their work
  • Contribute to the development and use of a contacts database
  • Ensure communication activities conform to branding and style guidelines, and quality standards
  • Proofread written English materials prior to publication, including providing ad hoc support for other EngageMedia projects
  • Mentor and support staff to be more effective in their outreach, engagement, and impact efforts
  • Document what we are learning via short reports and blogging


  • Liaise with web developers/designers as required to for online development and other technical needs
  • Attend and conduct media and communication workshops on an adhoc basis
Key attributes
  • Professional-level/fully native English writing and editing abilities
  • A strong background in journalism and/or communications for advocacy
  • Excellent communications skills, including in speaking, presenting, and public relations
  • Strong background in advocacy campaigning
  • Knowledge of audio production and distribution
  • Knowledge of digital rights and freedom of expression issues
  • Expertise in using media and technology for creating social change
  • A commitment or openness to open source and alternative technologies
  • Experience working in and supporting networks
  • Strong media and journalism networks
  • Excellent management and planning skills
  • Ability to take on a variety of deadline-driven tasks with limited supervision
  • Experience with remote working set ups
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills, willingness to learn new things, build expertise, and develop new approaches
  • Proficiency in at least one Southeast Asian language
  • A minimum of 7 years experience in the field
About EngageMedia

EngageMedia uses the power of video, the internet and open technologies to create social and environmental change. We harness old and new media to assist movements challenge social injustice and environmental damage, as well as to present solutions.

EngageMedia works with independent film-makers, video activists, technologists, campaigners and social movements to generate wider audiences for their vital messages, and move people to action.


The position starts as soon as possible. An initial 12 month, full-time contract will be offered with annual extensions based on the completion of successful performance reviews.

Salary range is $1600-2300 USD per month, depending on skill set, experience, and cost of living in your home location.

A monthly communications and health allowance are included, as is travel insurance.

To Apply:

Please fill the application form below. Applications are due by December 22, 2019.

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