Monitoring the ruling vs 2019 internet shutdowns in Papua and West Papua

Earlier this month, the Jakarta State Administrative Court declared as illegal the internet shutdowns in Papua and West Papua enforced by the Indonesian government in 2019. The case on the month-long shutdown, from August 19 to September 28 last year, was filed by a coalition of civil society groups working in Southeast Asia. The victory of the Press Freedom Defender Team over the lawsuit against the Minister of Communication and Information and the President of the Republic of Indonesia, is a good example of how citizens can respond to government’s unlawful management of public communication infrastructure like the Internet.

Singing about global issues – and COVID-19 – with the Marapu community

Songs in the local language of the Marapu community in East Sumba, Indonesia, have become a bridge for the Marapu community to directly communicate and receive information and relevant health recommendations from the World Health Organisation and national and local governments in a culturally familiar and appropriate context.

#BebaskanRavio: Free Ravio Patra and reveal the WhatsApp hackers

On the evening of April 22, 2020, researcher Ravio Patra was arrested in Jakarta, Indonesia, not long after an attempt to protect his safety due to a WhatsApp privacy breach. His work has captured the interest of many, notably his most recent critique on the sparse handling of COVID-19 by the Jokowi administration.

Papuan Voices Australia Tour

Papuan Voices is a video-advocacy initiative assisting West Papuan communities to tell their stories. It challenges common misconceptions about this troubled territory and builds local storytellers in a region where foreign journalists are banned.

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