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EngageMedia co-founded the Transmission network in 2006. The objective of the network was to make independent online video distribution possible using Free and Open Source Software by building the necessary tools, standards, documentation, and social networks.

The transmission network provided the communication infrastructure for conducting research, identifying needs and developing solutions. The infrastructure was:

  • a social network of individuals
  • a listserve and websites
  • a series of gatherings

EngageMedia has organised a series of Transmission meetings over the years.

Re: transmission – London 2006

The first discussion on free software online video documentation was held at Dekspace in Deptford, London in May 2006. More here.

In 2006 in Rome with Candida TV, and in 2008 in Sukabumi, Indonesia, with Ruangrupa.

Transmission Event in Rome 2006

The first international Transmission event ran over 4 days at Forte Prenestino in Rome during the 7-10 of June 2006. Formerly a military fort built in the 1800s, the fort is now a social centre that hosts cultural and political initiatives. The 4 days included activities that range from open forums, presentations, workshops, discussion groups and working-bees. Read more about it here.

Transmission Rome was organised by EngageMediaCandida TV and Clearer Channel with the assistance of /c2o.

Transmission Asia-Pacific 2008

Transmission Asia PacificFrom May 19-25 2008 fifty-five tech and video activists gathered in West Java, Indonesia to share code and stories. Organised by EngageMedia and the Jakarta based Ruangrupa Transmission Asia-Pacific brought together projects from 15 different countries, from Japan to India, and China to New Zealand, to discuss ways to most effectively use online video as a social change tool.

TXAP included close to 50 workshops covering video podcasting, video and human rights, collaboration around regional film festivals, developing content management systems for online video distribution, open-source development, video streaming and much more.

Read more about it here.

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