Anna Helme

Plumi Intro & Theming Workshop

This workshop is designed to bring programmers up to speed with the current state of the Plumi app, facilitated by Anna Helme of EngageMedia.

New EngageMedia Website

We are very proud to go live today with our newly designed EngageMedia.org website. We’ve been busy working hard in the last two weeks at our sprint in Athens building on weeks and months of preparatory work in the back end. Huge congratulations to the whole team! Especially Yiannis, Dimo, Markos, Mike, Christos and Andrew. More info soon!

Plumi Demo

Announcement: Plumi 4.5.1

We are proud to announce the new release of Plumi video sharing platform! The release 4.5.1 came after a mini-sprint between Unweb.me and Engagemedia.org.

Plumi Banner

Introducing Plumi 4.5

Plumi 4.5 was soft-launched at the beginning of the year. Now that it’s been running smoothly for a while, we’d love to introduce you to all the new features and improvements.

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