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Announcement: Plumi 4.5.1

Plumi Demo

We are proud to announce the new release of Plumi video sharing platform! This release includes updates to the Plone content management system, upon which Plumi is based, bringing in a number of speed and stability enhancements. It also updates the full suite of core back-end software that Plumi relies upon.

We also updated the user interface, making many minor fixes and enhancements, including improvements to social media integration with the video player, the front page and user options.

The release 4.5.1 came after a mini sprint between and, includes updates to core products of Plumi (nginx, ffmpeg, mediaelementjs) and minor fixes and enhancements to the Plumi UI.

Plumi now uses python2.7 and has an updated buildout.

Check out the demo site at which runs on the new Plumi version, and find the updated installation docs on GitHub that will let you set up your own Plumi site in a few minutes!