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August 21, 2012

Creative Commons Roadshow

Insights from a Roadshow

Andrew Garton participated on a panel at Creative Commons Australia’s national roadshow at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne.

EM strategic planning survey

Survey analysis

An extensive and detailed report from our strategic planning survey conducted through June / July 2010. has been completed.

Open Subtitles Summit

More Thoughts on The Open Subtitles Summit

Why is subtitling important to EngageMedia? The translation of content is integral to our role as a regional project that aims to connect similar issues across borders and languages. Upgraded has been upgraded with a new release of Plumi – the free software video-sharing web application that runs

Our first day participants consist of young independent film makers. We already know Anata (ForFilm) and Eva (Kiri Depan) from camp Sambel.

From Makassar With Video

Makassar is a coastal city on the island of Sulawesi, one of the four Sunda Islands of Indonesia, located between Borneo and the Maluku Islands.

GIS Watch 2010

GISWatch 2010 Launched

GISWatch 2010 argues that for technology to really benefit us, consumption patterns have to change.