EngageMedia.org Upgraded

Plumi LogoEngageMedia.org has been upgraded with a new release of Plumi – the free software video-sharing web application that runs EngageMedia.org. Several bugs were squished, and improvements made to the way videos can be shared through social networks such as Facebook, and blogs like WordPress.

For this release, EngageMedia and development partners Unweb focused on improving usability issues and eliminating bugs. Issues such as videos posted to Facebook being square rather than rectangular, and problems embedding videos into WordPress and Drupal sites, have now been fixed.

A number of other behind the scenes changes were made, if you want to get geeky you can find the full list of improvements on the Plumi blog.

The release of Plumi 3.1.1 will most likely be our last prior to upgrading to the much improved Plone 4. Plone is the open-source content management system (CMS) upon which Plumi is based.

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