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Introducing the Burnstation Prototype

BURN STATION is a mobile copying station which - as it travels through suburban spaces - supports the free distribution music and audio.

by Grant McHerron

EngageMedia and Unweb have released Burnstation, a module prototype that allows you to burn videos from Plumi straight onto DVD.

EngageMedia and Unweb have released a prototype of the Burnstation module for Plumi and Plone. This allows users to produce a DVD containing videos from any Plumi based website or digital media archive. These DVDs can then be distributed to people who may not have fast or reliable access to the Plumi server.

You can find an overview of the Burnstation project and its history on the Plumi Blog site along with a number of other posts related to the Burnstation project (the oldest post is at the bottom of the list). There are also development notes on the Plumi Wiki and an unpublished chapter in the Plumi Manual to help guide people through the module’s installation and operation.

Please note that the prototype is a “proof of concept” system and does not have a quality user interface nor does it include all the features a full system should (e.g. managing the size of files that would appear on a DVD). As such, it is not recommended for production use and should only be used for evaluation purposes.