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FOSS Codecs For Online Video

Foss codecsIn 2007 EngageMedia conducted a research project into Free Open Source Software (FOSS) video codecs.

“Codec” means compression-decompression and is the algorithm that allows your video to be made smaller for easier transport on the web or so it can be played back on your chosen software or hardware video player.

It is important to encourage the development and use of Free Open Source Software video codecs to ensure the community has the ability to access online video technologies and modify them for our own needs. Proprietary video codecs are often very expensive to license, there needs to be an alternative for community-based projects and those at a financial disadvantage to utilise.

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The Report:

A review of available tools for the creation, playback and embedding of online video using Free and Open Source Software video codecs and a look at the most pressing areas for development to enhance their adoption by social change video projects on the web.

The report contains a set of recommendations to promote the implementation of FOSS video codecs within online video distribution projects working for social change.

Authors: Anna Helme, Andy Nicholson, Andrew Lowenthal

Released: November 2007.

The report is available on the Transmission wiki or via this PDF document “FOSS Codecs For Online Video“.

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