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FOSS Codecs for Online Video: Usability, Uptake and Development

Foss CodecEngageMedia is happy to announce the release of a new report into Free and Open Source Software video codecs. It is a review of available tools for the creation, playback and embedding of online video using FOSS codecs, and a look at the most pressing areas for development to enhance their adoption by social change video projects on the web.

FOSS Codecs for Online Video: Usability, Uptake and Development
A version in PDF is also available.

Summary of Recommendations
For those of you who wish to skip to the good part, there is a Summary of Recommendations with links to further information and alternatives within the report.

Feedback and Input
We are open to your feedback. Please let us know if you have any additions or comments to add.

Please forward this report to any individuals/groups who might be interested in order to continue to promote the use and further development of FOSS video codecs and associated software. The report is released under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Support and Network
This report was written for the Transmission network of social justice online video projects, with support from the Open Society Institute.

Many thanks,
Anna Helme