Bhinneka Tinggal Duka

Bhinneka Tinggal Duka

Bhinneka Tinggal Duka? (Diversity Leaves Grief?) looks at the rising tide of religious intolerance in Indonesia. In 2012 EngageMedia partnered with a coalition of groups to run a film competition and produce a compilation of Creative Commons licensed videos and education materials for feminist, queer and diversity activists to use in their campaigns for greater tolerance.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their videos to the Bhinneka Tinggal Duka? competition.

Congratulations to our winner Hernaedy Sidharta for Aku Indonesia, and runners up Rikky Muhmmad for Seragam Yang Tak Melindungi Keberagaman and deBlogger for Warna-warni Itu Indah. Thanks also to our judges Aryo Danusiri, Alissa Wahid and Elly Husin.

All the films can be viewed/downloaded below.



If you want to get involved, download the list of organizations working on religious tolerance.

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