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Bhinneka Tinggal Duka? Award Night

By Dhyta Caturani

 As we enter the month of December, after a long work of many video makers participating in the competition and of course, the EM team, it’s time for us to celebrate all the work in an evening of fun in Bhinneka Tinggal Duka? Award night.

As the day rolling into the evening, people started arriving at Warung Bang Hoody, an outdoor cafe with a very relax setting and a warm ambience (luckily, what usually be a month of heavy rain turned out to be nice and dry that day). Everyone mingled and dined before the event started by the MCs. At around 8 pm, Enrico Aditjondro and Diah Sekarwidhi, served as the Masters of Ceremony, welcomed the guests and called the project coordinator, Dhyta Caturani, to talk about the motivation that drove EngageMedia to hold the competition and the whole process of the competition.

“We concern about the intolerance situation and the violence that tag along with it in Indonesia that has been escalating in the recent decade. We want to contribute to the movement that promotes tolerance in our capacity, which is to provide a space for video makers who have the same concern with us, thus to provide people who work on the issues with what we hope to be a powerful tool, which is the videos made by the video makers,” explained Dhyta.

Right after the brief explanation, the MCs took the audience’s attention to the screen where nine videos were played. There were moments of anger and sadness from the audience to see videos that showed violence, but there were also moments of joy and hope when videos that showed dreams of what Indonesia should become were played.

After watching all videos, came the time where we announce the Runner Ups. And the runner ups were Seragam Yang Tak Melindungi Keberagaman by Rikky Muhmmad and Warna-warni Itu Indah by deBlogger. The prizes of 2,5 million rupiahs were handed to the Runner ups by Thowik from Sejuk and Galeshka from Indonesia Tanpa FPI. But to add a bit of suspense we had Sunday Market District to perform before we announce the Winner. After four songs, the MCs announced the winner by playing the winning video on the screen. And the Award goes to: Aku Indonesia, by Hernaedy Sidharta! The prize of 6 million rupiah was handed to the Winner by Lexy Rambadeta.

And all finalists came up to the front and received a placard in the form of Vinyl plate with Bhinneka Tinggal Duka? Finalist written on it.

We ended the evening by congratulating each other, because at the end, as cliche as it may sound, we are all winners. So, congratulation to all of us! Now the real work of promoting peace and tolerance continues, bigger and better!

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