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[Closed] Job Opportunity: Finance Coordinator

EngageMedia is hiring a Finance Coordinator who will work closely with EngageMedia’s Finance, Operations, and Administration team to ensure that the organisation’s support systems meet the highest standard.

[Closed] Job Opportunity: Promotion and Engagement Coordinator

EngageMedia is looking for a Promotion and Engagement Coordinator who will work closely with EngageMedia’s communications team to lead outreach initiatives, manage content and media partnerships, build audiences, and create social impact.

[Closed] Job Opportunity: Localisation Lead

EngageMedia is looking for a Localisation Lead who will drive EngageMedia’s localisation efforts to improve the accessibility and usability of open and secure technologies. This includes planning, managing and coordinating tasks, developing networks and partnerships, and monitoring and evaluation.

Digital Rights Program Manager

[Closed] Job Opportunity: Digital Rights Program Manager

EngageMedia is hiring a Digital Rights Program Manager who works closely with the Executive Director to oversee EngageMedia’s Digital Rights initiatives in the Asia-Pacific. The position oversees programmatic planning, designs strategies and activities, manages staff and consultants, builds and strengthens networks and partnerships, contributes to fundraising, and works directly on projects as needed.

[Closed] Job Opportunity: Editorial Coordinator

EngageMedia is hiring an Editorial Coordinator (EC) who will work closely with EngageMedia’s communications team to develop and curate content, support advocacy campaigns, build audiences, and create social impact.

Myanmar Lead

[Closed] Job Opportunity: Myanmar Lead

EngageMedia is hiring a Myanmar Lead who will oversee and lead digital rights and digital safety initiatives in Myanmar. This includes coordinating and implementing training, developing networks and partnerships, project planning, logistics, and assisting with program strategy development.

[Closed] Job Opportunity: Cinemata Lead Curator

EngageMedia is looking for a Cinemata Lead Curator (CLC) who will lead the Cinemata team’s work, managing content on the platform, fostering partnerships and collaborations, growing audience and memberships, and creating social impact through Cinemata.

[Closed] Job Opportunity: Program Assistant

EngageMedia is hiring a Program Assistant who will support the implementation of EngageMedia’s different initiatives in the region. The role will work closely with Program Managers and Project Leads on coordination and logistics, communications and outreach, and monitoring and reporting.