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What are digital rights?

Oftentimes, the simplest one-sentence reply to the question, “What are digital rights?”, is “human rights in the digital environment”, or “human rights that are enabled through technology and the internet”.

AI as a weapon against civil and political rights

In this article, we are going to take a closer look on what can happen when AI is weaponised and used against civil and political rights (CPR) such as the right to life and self-determination, as well as individual freedoms of expression, religion, association, assembly, and so on.

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[Closed] Job Opportunity: Digital Rights Manager (Thailand)

EngageMedia is hiring a Digital Rights Manager (Thailand) who will oversee and lead digital rights and digital safety initiatives in the country, and support EngageMedia initiatives in the Mekong region more broadly. As part of our digital rights team, the role will lead trainings, develop networks and partnerships, plan and implement project initiatives, and assist with the broader digital rights program strategy.

[Closed] Job Opportunity: Digital Rights Program Officer (Indonesia)

EngageMedia is hiring a Digital Rights Program Officer (Indonesia) who will support the implementation of our digital rights initiatives in the country, working closely with the program team to support coordination and logistics, community development, communications and outreach, monitoring and reporting.

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