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Art by Dianne Olivan

The Internet Infrastructure is Not ‘Gender-neutral’!

Safeguards against online gender-based violence and other gender-specific issues should not be a second thought in developing tech infrastructure; rather, it must be an integral virtue, from conceptualisation to maintenance.

Image credit: Photography Kehidupan. Used with permission.

7 Desakan: The 7 Demands of Protesters in Indonesia

The student-led protests this week have spread across Indonesia, with thousands demonstrating in front of parliament buildings in hundreds of cities. This post highlights and adds context to the 7 demands of protesters in Indonesia.

On Recent Internet Blocking and Throttling in West Papua

As an organisation that stands for media freedom and digital rights, EngageMedia finds the recent threats against freedom of expression in West Papua concerning, including undue restriction and harassment, as well as internet blocking and throttling.

Coconet II: More Than Just a Camp

Coconet shouldn’t just be an event. It should serve as a platform for educating activists and civil society organizations about the impact of digital rights in their work, helping them build more effective network and movements.

RightsCon Tunis: At the Crossroads of Human Rights and Technology

As the first RightsCon hosted in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Tunisia stands out as the most inspiring story on how the Arab Spring emerged. Interestingly, the conference venue was just in front of the Human Rights Square in Tunis, where thousands of Tunisian protesters gathered in 2011.

Digital Rights Camp by FMA

Strengthening the digital rights movement in the Philippines

From 28 May to 1 June 2019, the Foundation for Media Alternatives (FMA) organised a Digital Rights Camp, a gathering of journalists, artists, activists, and human rights defenders to reach out and introduce digital rights to advocacy groups in the Philippines. Dianne Olivan, project assistant of EngageMedia, attended the camp and the FMA website published her commentaries on the proceedings of the gathering and the digital rights situation in the Philippines.

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