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Cinemata Site Updates: Cleaner interface, new features for discovering films and playlists

The latest version of Cinemata features enhanced site navigation and video upload improvements, making it easier for filmmakers and audiences to discover and contribute social issue films about the Asia-Pacific.

Since early 2022, Cinemata has been undergoing developments based on insights gathered from the curatorial team’s engagement with filmmakers and video groups across the Asia-Pacific. This latest update reflects the Cinemata team’s efforts to respond to the needs of the community and how filmmakers and video organisations can further maximise the platform for their advocacy.

The previous version of Cinemata had out-of-the-box features from MediaCMS, the open source video and media content management system where the site was based. Some of the key features in this latest version include:

  • An updated front page that makes it easier for users to discover fresh content from countries in the Asia-Pacific
  • Featured playlists curated by EngageMedia and partners now on the homepage to enhance their visibility and promotion
  • A more intuitive video upload interface for creating and managing uploads and playlists
  • A new top banner and pop-up feature for partners to promote new events and announcements
  • Enhanced discoverability for uploaded films by more prominently highlighting the films’ country of production, language, and year of production
  • Better video viewing quality for recent uploads
  • Improved compatibility with a wide range of devices and browsers

These improvements add to the free, upgraded features on Cinemata which are offered for a fee in other corporate video platforms. These include the capability to download videos from 240p to 4k resolution as well as the original file, and the capability to upload videos using various codecs (h264, h265, mkv), including support for Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD.

Screenshot from ‘Arrogance of Power’, a film from the playlist ‘Daluyong: Political Filmmaking in a Period of Social Unrest Redux

Building community, engagement, and impact

More than just a video hosting platform, Cinemata is also bringing together a strong network of filmmakers and curators, civil society organisations, media, educators, and activists in the Asia-Pacific contributing to wider human rights campaigns and movements. The platform facilitates these collaborations by hosting online film screenings, featuring co-curated playlists with partners, and promoting featured films through targeted outreach to relevant audiences.

With the platform’s updated interface and new features, Cinemata partners can expect increased visibility and reach for their events and announcements. Last month, the 18th Mini Film Fest boosted promotions for its online event through Cinemata’s top banner feature, while the rare collection of Philippine martial law films co-curated with archiving advocate Rose Roque continues to garner attention with its prominent feature on the Cinemata front page.

With its latest features, Cinemata is the platform of choice for the 34th Gawad Alternatibo film competition, the longest-running independent film competition of its kind in Asia. As the online screening partner for the festival, over 100 films will be exclusively available on Cinemata until October 31.

The Cinemata curatorial team also bridges filmmakers to relevant audiences through promotion on social media, Cinemata’s bi-monthly newsletter, and the Cinemata Features and the Featured Filmmaker series published on EngageMedia.

Upcoming features on Cinemata

In the coming months, Cinemata will continue adding new features, including:

  • Password protection of content
  • Subtitle native support for SRT closed captions

We invite you to support its development by exploring the platform, uploading your own videos, and sharing content with your networks. If you would like to share ideas for improvement or new features you’d like to see on the platform, email [email protected]. To stay updated on new videos, playlists, and announcements on latest developments, subscribe to Cinemata’s bi-monthly newsletter.


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