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Featured Filmmaker

Featured Filmmaker: Wensi Fatubun

Wensislaus (Wensi) Fatubun (37) is a West Papuan filmmaker and video activist, with an impressive human rights pedigree. He is also a leader of the Papuan People’s Assembly (Majelis Rakyat Papua – MRP) which represents the cultural interests of the indigenous Papuan people, protecting the rights of indigenous Papuans, with values consistent with respect for custom and culture, the empowerment of women, and the strengthening of harmonious religious life.

Featured Filmmaker: Paradoc

Paradoc adalah organisasi pembuat film yang bekerja bersama untuk menciptakan perubahan sosial menggunakan media audio visual. Dalam websitenya, mereka menyatakan “Video for Change” sebagai tipe kerja utama mereka.
Jason Woo is a Filmmaker from Singapore

Featured Filmmaker: Jason Soo

We interviewed Jason Soo, a filmmaker from Singapore whose work highlights activists and activism over the course of its history.

The Ishaan Record

Featured Filmmaker: The Isaan Record

We spoke with The Isaan Record, a media and video production organization in Northeastern Thailand about their challenges and hopes.

Bonny Lanny

Featured Filmmaker: Bonny Lanny

Bonny Lanny joined Papuan Voices Wamena in 2014 and since then he has made several captivating documentaries and an album of unique local songs.

Featured Filmmaker: Akar Dananjaya

A. Dananjaya is an Indonesian filmmaker who uses film to highlight alternative perspectives on Indonesia’s 1965 Tragedy.