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Use of Memes In Activism

By utilising humour and the shareability of memes, it becomes clear that memes can be used for the diffusion of information across the Internet because of their speed and capillarity on social media.

Solidarity is what makes the movement go on

Solidarity works. Solidarity crosses borders, solidarity crosses differences. Indonesian activist Dhyta Caturani urges everyone to grow and nurture the solidarity for successful movements across Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asian Advocates Call for Release of Dinh Thao, Vietnamese Activist

Her allies on the ground reported that when Dinh Thao arrived at the airport, more than 10 security officials surrounded her and took her into an interrogation room. They have lost contact with her from that point onwards. Advocates from across Southeast Asia have are calling for her immediate release.

The Philippine Drug War: A Primer

The Philippine “War Against Drugs” lead by president Rodrigo Duterte since 2016 has led to the deaths of over 12,000 Filipinos till March 2018.