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Video for Change | Environmental Impact

Video4Change Environmental Impact

Addressing the environmental challenges facing our planet has become more critical than ever before. Video is a powerful tool to support and strengthen movements for environmental justice. For many campaigns, video has become a key way to deliver messages, mobilise support, and create impact.

We have thus created the Video for Change Asia-Pacific Impact Lab to assist environment-focused video initiatives take their impact to the next level by connecting them with leading global and Asia-Pacific based Impact Producers.

Filmmakers and campaigners often struggle to build and implement concrete impact strategies for their work. To address this issue, EngageMedia created the Video for Change Impact Toolkit, a guide to impact strategy, design and evaluation, and co-creation with affected communities. 

The Lab will work with two sets of six films for three months at a time. Each Lab will be mentored by select impact producers who have been chosen for their experience in impact production and networks in the Asia-Pacific.

By working together with regional environmental filmmakers and campaigners on the Impact Toolkit methodology, and by following their initiatives over a longer period of time, we aim to build a peer network of support while documenting and learning from our experiences on the ground.

The goal is to unite environmental storytellers and campaigners – bringing together those who create the content with those that most need it – to address our pressing environmental and climate crises, and contribute to positive change.

Project Objectives

  • Strengthen the capacity of environmental film-makers and campaigners to design for and evaluate impact
  • Better leverage film as a campaign tool to increase the impact of environmental movements
  • Develop a regional peer network of environmental film-makers and campaigners who can support each other
  • Improve the Impact Toolkit as a resource by documenting its implementation
  • Contribute to the development of impact approaches and methodologies appropriate for the Asia-Pacific context, adding these learnings to broaden the field

Project Outcomes

  • An improved Impact Toolkit based on the feedback and testing of participants
  • Increased profile of video for change methodologies and strong examples of their successful use
  • A cohort of people that are able to use video more effectively to support climate and environmental change and that promote these methods to others
  • A set of learnings from non-Western contexts that can be shared with the global impact field

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