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Advancing Data Justice Research and Practice

The systematic collection and analysis of data has become entrenched in daily life, with massive amounts of data generated in everyday activities – from financial transactions to communications. This datafication of society has significant implications on people’s ability to participate in society, benefiting some while potentially facilitating the exclusion and exploitation of vulnerable groups. There is a need to investigate the power dynamics behind the collection, analysis, and use of data, particularly concerning fairness and equity in the way people are made visible and represented in the production and analysis of data.

The Advancing Data Justice Research and Practice (ADJRP) project aims to fill the gap in data justice research and expand existing narratives to include testimonies from unheard and/or underrepresented voices. By assessing and identifying gaps in the current state of research, ADJRP aims to provide resources that help policymakers, practitioners, and impacted communities gain a broader understanding of data governance.

EngageMedia is one of the Alan Turing Institute’s Policy Pilot Partners for the ADJRP project. As part of this collaboration, EngageMedia designed and implemented interviews and workshops with policymakers, developers, and communities affected by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems in Indonesia and the Philippines to produce the report titled “The Techno-politics of Data Justice in Indonesia and the Philippines”. These activities aim to contribute to an expanded understanding of data justice, encompassing issues of access, visibility, and representation in data used in the development of AI and ML systems.

The ADJRP project is a collaboration between the Global Partnership on AI, the Alan Turing Institute, and participants and communities across the globe.

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ATI EM Research Report – Technopolitics of Data Justice

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