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Are Journalists Safe in Indonesia? Apakah Profesi Wartawan Aman di Indonesia?

Journalist security research

EngageMedia has conducted research for the Citizen Lab Cyber Stewards Network to understand how journalists themselves define the concept of ‘security’, what constitute practices of ‘security’, and what they do to learn about and practice ‘secure’ behaviours. by Alexandra Crosby

VideoChronic: Video Activism in Indonesia

In 2009 EngageMedia and Kunci Cultural Studies Center launched VideoChronic, a collaborative research project charting how activists are engaging with video technologies in Indonesia, addressing some of the issues of technology-mediated social movements, and exploring the potential and limitations of online video distribution.

Camp Sambel 1: Melayu Video Camp

Kemah video regional para aktivis dari Indonesia, Malaysia, Timor Leste, dan Papua diadakan di Malang, Indonesia, pada Juni 2010. EngageMedia

Voice Camp, Java 2019

The Linking And Learning Yogyakarta Event The 2nd Linking and Learning Camp was held last August 22-25, 2019 in Yogyakarta,


EngageMedia’s Voice project aims to facilitate spaces where marginalized communities explore various ways in which they can harness their creativity and turn their aspirations into actions with real social impact.