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Gamified Lives in the Gig Economy

This issue analysis of the Tech Tales Youth film ‘On Our Own Time’ by Kat Catalan casts a critical eye on the much-touted gig economy and its realities of precarious labour.

The Price of Truth: Female Journalists and Doxxing

This piece delving into the Tech Tales Youth film ‘Doxxed’ by Thanakorn Yangmeesuk shows how this cyber harassment tactic poses a grave threat to women’s safety, free speech, and the integrity of the free press.

Confronting Fact and Fiction Amid Information Disorder

The Tech Tales Youth film ‘This is How Her House Was Built’ by Jaime Morados shows how twisted narratives can distort reality, fuelling disinformation and historical revisionism and contributing towards the erosion of democracy.

Digital Fraud and Exploiting Loopholes in Financial Systems

This issue analysis of the Tech Tales Youth film ‘Nanay’ (Mama) by KC Sulit and JV Sangalang spotlights the vulnerabilities faced by the digitally illiterate and the systemic loopholes that enable financial exploitation.