Yerry Borang

Papuan Film Festival III 2019 Begins!

The Papuan government should be proud that this year, young Papuan activists can hold Papuan Film Festival) without fail for three consecutive years. From August 6–9 this year, the event will be conducted at the Moi tribe indigenous center, the KEIK LMA Malamoi building or the institution of tribal society (LMA) Malamoi.

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Peluncuran Impact Toolkit di Yogyakarta

Merancang dampak untuk kampanye inklusi disabilitas menjadi tema peluncuran Impact Toolkit di Yogyakarta. Pada Jumat, 17 Mei 2019 EngageMedia kedatangan beberapa organisasi, filmmaker dan akademisi untuk berdiskusi tentang Video for Change Impact Toolkit. Toolkit ini dibuat oleh EngageMedia dan jaringan Video for Change untuk siapapun
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RightsCon 2016

The Future of Protecting Journalists

The following are some reflections of mine after attending a discussion session titled, ‘Secure the News: A Dialogue on How to Protect the Future of Journalism’ at RightsCon 2016.

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