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Vino Lucero

Pride 2020 perseveres despite the pandemic and threats to freedom of expression online

Amid physical and social distancing guidelines across the world, LGBTQI+ organisations faced roadblocks in fully celebrating this year’s Pride month in person. But despite only weeks of preparation for the fully digital shift, Pride Month this past June 2020 was a success, in that its celebration intersected LGBTIQ+ issues with other pressing societal issues and broke social media silos by reaching out to new audiences online.

Maria A. Ressa, Chief Executive Officer, The Rappler, Philippines

The conviction of Maria Ressa: weaponising cyber libel to suppress freedom of speech

On June 15, 2020, online news organization Rappler’s CEO and executive editor Maria Ressa and former Rappler researcher-writer Reynaldo Santos Jr. were convicted of cyber libel charges over a seven-year-old report on a businessman’s alleged links to illegal drugs and human trafficking. The ruling, which can still be appealed and brought up to the Supreme Court, is the most recent addition to a growing list of attacks on press freedom and freedom of expression in the Philippines.

How a youth group organised a fully online conference

The pandemic has impacted how civil society organisations do advocacy work, derailing weeks (or months, in our case) of planning. However, we knew we had to adapt and innovate. Instead of a physical conference, we decided to execute a fully online youth conference for April 4, 2020. And, despite less than a month of planning, we did it.

Reading up on AI in Southeast Asia

EngageMedia and Dr. Jun-E Tan, an independent researcher based in Malaysia, collaborated to produce an annotated bibliography for those who want to deepen their knowledge on AI and the Southeast Asia context.