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Behind the scenes of recording a video podcast remotely and using FOSS

Open Broadcaster Software interface, from “Recording a Video Podcast Remotely Using Free and Open-Source Software” in


With the implementation of lockdowns and community quarantines, it has been a challenge for podcast production teams to shoot new episodes. From the simple set up of a few microphones and in-person recording, they are now challenged to go fully online, from planning to post-production.

Luckily, a lot of new applications and platforms mean production teams can record their podcasts fully online. Only a few, however, are free and open-source. And so, in line with EngageMedia’s organisation focus on using and promoting open technology, our podcast team took on the challenge of only using free and open-source software to record “Pretty Good Podcast: Digital Rights and the Asia-Pacific“.

EngageMedia Video Lead King Catoy penned an experiential blog on how the team pulled off recording the pilot episode of Pretty Good Podcast remotely, using only free and open-source software. He also shared important features that users can maximise for an optimal podcast recording experience using the programs mentioned in the article.

“We thought we’d share some of our learnings, especially since we wanted to use Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for the recording of the show. This short resource guide is also tailored for remote work — a new reality brought to us by the current times,” King wrote.

You can read more about his experience through the full post published on the Video4Change website. EngageMedia’s Pretty Good Podcast, a podcast discussing digital rights issues in the Asia-Pacific, can be played here and is now available on most podcast streaming platforms.