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Merangkai Masa Depan – EngageMedia 2013

Kita baru satu dua bulan memasuki tahun 2013, namun EngageMedia sudah terjun dan memiliki kegiatan-kegiatan yang menarik. Jadi izinkan kami berbagi sedikit informasi seputar rencana EngageMedia untuk tahun 2013 kepada rekan-rekan sekalian. Kami sedang memulai beberapa kegiatan dan beberapa lagi akan menyusul.

EngageMedia Melbourne Office Space for Rent

We’re looking to share part of our central Melbourne office space. We’re right in the middle of the city, near Bourke and Swanston. Rent is just $220 a month plus GST for 2 desk spaces, internet, and all bills.

EngageMedia visits Boston

In December 2012 I did a series of talks at the MIT Center for Civic Media and Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard. The talks delved into the work of EngageMedia and also the nature of citizen video, video4change and the Southeast Asia landscape. Video from two of the talks are linked to below.

Screenshot of on August 5, 2012

Major updates to

We’ve just upgraded to Plumi 4.1.1, the open-source video sharing platform we produce in collaboration with and other developers.

KONY 2012

#Kony2012 – Ethical Video Activism Alternatives

One thing must be said – the #kony2012 campaign is one of the most successful human rights video advocacy campaigns ever. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good example of video advocacy.

Open Subtitles Summit

More Thoughts on The Open Subtitles Summit

Why is subtitling important to EngageMedia? The translation of content is integral to our role as a regional project that aims to connect similar issues across borders and languages.

Andrew Lowenthal speaking at the Online Video as a Political Tool session at Video Vortex 6 Amsterdam 11-12 March 2011. Image via Flickr by Anne Helmond. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

EngageMedia at VideoVortex, Amsterdam

EngageMedia’s Andrew Lowenthal will be speaking on the Online Video as a Political Tool session at the Video Vortex 6 conference in Amsterdam (March 2011).