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Pretty Good Podcast Episode 17: AI Governance in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has historically been consumers of technology instead of providers. This often leaves it at a disadvantage in adapting to and governing the technologies that it is using to fuel national and regional growth, such as artificial intelligence (AI).

In this episode of Pretty Good Podcast, independent researcher Dr. Jun-E Tan expounds on her 2021 report with EngageMedia on the governance of AI in Southeast Asia, emphasising the importance of contextualising this technology based on what the region needs. Jun-E also discusses the need for Southeast Asian countries to look at existing mechanisms that are within their control, and how these can be used to govern AI technology in ways that protect their people.

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1 thought on “Pretty Good Podcast Episode 17: AI Governance in Southeast Asia”

  1. Insightful as always. Contextualizing AI is really key. “You need to know what to protect!” If you don’t know the nuances of the specific context wherein AI is applied, then it’s hard to counter, regulate, or potentially even maximize the AI systems and technologies being used. So yes, gathering more lived experiences and ethnographic grassroots reports will help contextualize it more. Look forward to Jun-E’s future work.

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