Pretty Good Podcast Episode 4: Communications Privacy: Big Tech vs Open Source

On this episode of Pretty Good Podcast, we chat with Simon Harman and Sam de Silva from the Loki Foundation, makers of private messaging app Session, on the benefits of and challenges to using secure tools for communications. We also discuss ways to raise awareness on the importance of privacy, particularly in the Asia-Pacific where access to digital tech and literacy is highly uneven.

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4 thoughts on “Pretty Good Podcast Episode 4: Communications Privacy: Big Tech vs Open Source”

  1. Cristiana Ximenes Belo

    Hi Red and Sara

    We love to Podcast too but how can we have it? and how does it work?

    Best Regards
    Cris Belo

    1. Hi, Cris! Thanks for reaching out! We documented our podcast process (primarily using free and open-source software) in this resource guide written by our video lead and technical producer King. We can also talk about specifics over email if you want more information.


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