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Stories of Social Change in Myanmar


As part of EngageMedia‘s outreach work in Myanmar, our editorial team been working throughout 2015 to collate, translate and distribute critical videos from the country.

Our collection currently features 180 videos, and here we’d like to highlight some key content that gives insight into Myanmar’s socio-political situation.


We start with the film ‘Wanna‘. This portrait of a rebel artist looks at people who take their non-violent fight for freedom of expression to the streets. Watch

Students Boycott Education Law

In the face of an ongoing crackdown, Myanmar students have been protesting a new Education Law, which they claim stifles academic freedom. Watch

The Children of Bhamo’s Brickworks

In the conflict zone of Bhamo, Kachin children work alongside their parents in a riverside brickworks where families are struggling to make ends meet. Watch

Monk Rejects Preaching Ban

Despite a ban by his government-appointed seniors, an outspoken monk says he intends to keep on preaching if called upon by the people. Watch

A Song for Freedom

The song ‘Freedom‘, which features a trio of local rappers, puts a beat to Myanmar’s recent reforms, and the hopes that youth have for the future. Watch

These are the highlights of our Myanmar content, but you view the rest of our growing collection here, and contribute subtitles in more languages too. Also look out for news from our Southeast Asia Video Camp, happening in Yangon this June!