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Applications Open for the SEA Video Camp in Myanmar

EngageMedia is pleased to announce a Video Camp for Southeast Asian filmmakers in Myanmar this June. The camp is aimed to be a space for Burmese video and filmmakers to meet, interact and collaborate with video and filmmakers from the rest of Southeast Asia. We are aiming to create an interactive learning and collaboration environment for three days, where film and video makers can learn from each other about the following topics:

  • Effective distribution strategies within our region and for different communities
  • Video security issues and strategies
  • The use of video for social change and advocacy
  • Subtitling of videos in Southeast Asian languages

Beyond these topics, we will open the agenda of the camp to participants to make sure that the event is relevant to everyone. This is to make sure that the camp will be an interactive, engaging and collaborative event. Selected participants can propose and lead sessions about topics they want to learn, share and discuss.

When is it?

We’re blocking off the first week for June. This will be a three-day camp which will happen sometime between 1 – 5 June 2015. The specific dates for this will be announced when we’ve finalised the venue.

Where is it?


If you are interested in joining this event, these following criteria should describe you:

  • You are from Southeast Asian countries
  • You have made films or videos. Documentary on social and environmental justice issues is a plus.
  • You are able to communicate in English (working language is English with some Burmese translations for participants from Myanmar)
  • You are willing to join the whole program in the camp for three days.

If you are eligible and want to participate, please go to the online application form. Applications will be open until 1 March 2015.

EngageMedia will support 15 participants from Myanmar and 15 participants from outside Myanmar. We will cover travel and accommodation costs for selected participants. We also welcome few self-funded individuals to join the event (please state this in your application from).

We want to see you in our camp, send your application before 1 March 2015 or contact us if you have any other queries!