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Moviemento Video Workshop 1

Moviemento visited Balikpapan

Earlier this month, Moviemento visited Balikpapan for the second time. Located in Kalimantan island, Balikpapan is the city with the largest oil refinery in East Indonesia.

An initial visit was made here, and like our other visits to Makassar, Semarang, and Kupang, it was conducted to find out more about the activities and needs of youngsters living in the city. After much consideration, we decided to conduct a Moviemento video workshop in Balikpapan.


At the workshop, we shared about video production and many other technical subjects. We also had a discussion around specific issues, especially corruption in Balikpapan and how to tackle it. We had lots of fun during the session and recorded interviews with several different people. And this is only the beginning of the many videos we’ll be making as part of the project.

Moviemento is a series of video workshops for youth to tell their stories conducted by EngageMedia and Transparency International Indonesia (TII). The second Moviemento workshop will be held in May 2013.

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  1. Dalam workshop ini, saya menemukan beberapa ide untuk mendukung program Papua Voices dan Papuan Calling di Papua. Saya ingin memproduksi serial video Papua Calling

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